If you wish to change specific settings for an existing block, you can do this easily from within Gmail or the dashboard.

Using the Browser Extension

  1. Click Block in the toolbar and select Manage Blocks.
  1. From the active blocks, select the Options of the block you want to edit and click Edit.
  1. Apply any changes you want to the block and click Save Changes.

Note: You can also bulk edit many blocks at once by selecting the checkbox next to the blocks you want to edit and clicking the edit icon (a pencil) at the top of the Manage Blocks window.

Using the Block Sender Dashboard

  1. Go to the Blocks page of your dashboard.
  2. Scroll down Your Block section.
  3. Locate the block you want edit, select its Options button and then choose Edit.
  1. Apply any changes you want you the block and then click Save Changes.