Recently Block Sender has released a major update to their browser plugins: version 4.0. In this major update, you’ll see the following changes, among others:

User Accounts

Previously you did not need to create an official account with Block Sender, installing the plugin in your browser was enough. To provide you with better features, support, and an overall better experience, we’ve decided to have all of our users create password protected accounts.

If you have recently seen a popup in the browser extension asking you to reset your password, this is likely why.

Better Email Blocking

In this new version of Block Sender we’ll have you link your Gmail account with us to better integrate our blocking services with your email. By doing this, we can provide the following improvements:

  • More blocking options
  • No more need for Gmail’s canned responses
  • Custom automated replies and bounce-backs
  • Link and manage multiple email accounts

More Control over your Blocks

By creating an account with us, you’re now able to better manage your blocks. This means you’ll be able to more easily create, edit, delete, and audit all of the blocks that are active on your email account. No more wondering why an email was blocked or where it went.

Faster Updates

Now that Block Sender has you link your Gmail account with us we’re able to provide much quicker updates to our system, whereas before updates were much slower and more error-prone due to the difficulty of integrating with Gmail’s UI. With this major update we’ll now be able to detect and fix problems in a fraction of the time.

While the core of the Block Sender service remains unchanged, we’re excited about these big changes to the service that will allow us to better help you achieve your goal: Taking back control of your inbox.

Have any questions, comments, or concerns? Feel free to reach out to us at [email protected].